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Technical engineering:

Technical and energy performance of industrial installations cannot avoid high professional engineering. It has been proved through our experiences that almost always an inadequate design or incorrect project fulfillment are source of problems. Most often a simple elusive but real drift is the reason of significant power expenditure.
Measurement plays an important role both in Audit and Engineering. As far as audit is concern, measurement plays an important role:
•    “How to know where to go, without knowing from where to leave”. Thus, without doing an early measurement it is almost impossible to valid available capacity, probable margin optimization and to satisfy requirements at real-time.
•    This step is a slapdash work which leads to take often unnecessary risks and unsafely margin.

•    How to challenge supplier, without setting up his commission on a clear agreement and adapted measures?
•    How to follow up developments of project and activate phases at the appropriate time or adapt project if needed? (Notion of “dynamic engineering).
These mentioned points are sources of cost and savings and justify organizing of all projects with adapted means and methods.
Therefore, it should be taken into account that role of  an engineer is not to take decision instead of industrialists, but is to present independently all choices and solutions with their weak and strong points. From then on, each decision is undoubtedly good regarding to the constraints of the client himself.