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Training Courses

Genèse: for what purpose?

In 2002, PSA (Peugeot-Citroën) group wished to recreate training course “Homme-Energie” within its main 13 factories.  Today it has been recognized that technicians in factories have electronic, mechanic, electro-mechanic or automatic background, but thermic experts are rare. Therefore, PSA and BR programmed a training module to avoid this gape.
This one week training course does not make you experts, but provides you required basic elements to execute this function.  Numerous real and practical cases are used as examples during the training courses.

Who can attend?
Directors, maintenance and new construction in charges, utility and environmental in charges.
All sectors of industry

•     To know and understand basics elements of thermic and their application on main installations: Bolier room, cooling production stations, compressed air, AC, distribution.
•    To understand and applications of measurement tools permitting installation follow up.
Develop management report
•    Discover work and management methods to solve power issues.

Teaching methods:
 Our engineers and thermic consultants teach the classes.
Real examples are used.
A practical case is use to do measurement experience.
Training course comes to end by visiting an industrial plant and meeting the director.

Teaching aids:
Power point
BARexpert as technical tool

Price: 2500€ ET
Includes: lunch and dinner

Training centre:
Barrault Recharche
Register No: 52 49 01339 49

Among our references:
PSA, Bosch, Lactalis, Danone, Rolland SA, Crêtes d’Or, Cilam, Bongrain, BEL, Délifruits,…