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Energy Pre-Diagnosis
Measurement Plan
Detailed Tool Based Diagnosis
Ultrasonic Sensors


Scope of the mission:
This mission occurs generally after pre-diagnosis on saving power consumption and using of defined means.
it can also take place without any former action , under the demand of customer as soon as he notice a low saving or a special technical problem ( dysfunction,  measurement of  a project) . 

Perimeter of the mission:
Generally it refers to a precise theme (steam, cooling, compressed air, autoclaves…); howerverit it can be applicable due to the need of utility generation, distribution and its usage.

Basically, this mission leans on measurement to do a clear and exact survey of performance and operating conditions.
It enables us to develop full operations cost as well as specific cost per post.

Related measures analysis leads to:
Determine all energetic and technical products.
Valid technical solutions.
Calculate savings.
Estimate probable investment cost.
Present advantages of each advice.

Reports, oral and Power Point presentations.
An engineer or equivalent fulfills the mission.

Intervention period:
Commonly such a mission requires an observation period according to the activity of the plant i.e. a week long including Saturday and Sunday. This is a minimum period for engineers to be present and do measure.