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Pre-diagnosis of energy
Measurement plan
Detailed tool based diagnosis
Ultrasonic sensors


Scope oF the Mission:
This mission gives global approach to reduce energy consumption. It is not the end in itself, but begins to prepare and direct following actions through optimizing means according to issues and targets.

Perimeter Of The Mission:
This mission concerns all sectors using energy, from primary energy (  oil, natural gas, coal, electricity and others),  passing through Utilities ( steam, warm and  ice water, low cooling temperature, compressed air, ventilation, hydraulic system….) up to the   power process.

Do a general survey to clarify energy  purpose of used energy and evaluate conditions as well as operation of audited installations. 
Estimate a potential energy saving, related risks and their profitability.
Describe an action plan to achieve energy savings and profitable targets.
Repot,  Power Point presentation.
Realized of taught missions by an experienced engineer

Intervention period:
3 to 10 days according to size and complexity of the mission.