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As soon as its creation in 1990, BR Company was dedicated to a fundamental research program and its application referred to “radiating panel of skyscrapers”. This program was financed by EDF Rénardières and realized by BR and ISITEM (Current Central Engineering School of Nantes).
Whatever is activity of René-Louis Barrault, but a part of it has always been led towards advanced projects rather than a simple diagnosis or feasible studies. Over the past years, accomplished activities were mostly on milk spry driers, autoclave machineries, specific recycling/ recovery system, instrumented means, tuning devices for compressed air and cooling production system, modeling of refrigerated installations…
Today, we are operating on the following themes:
•    Designing and operating new version of express cooling tunnel (ESEO PROJECT).
•    Improvement of new cleaning solutions for food and agricultural industries. 
•    Methanization and enhancement.

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