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ADAPT ( Tool For Measurment Acquisation And Calculation Treatment )
ADONAC (Data Analysis)
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ADAPT (Tool Measurment Acquisition And Calculation Treatment)

ADAPT  displays, acqures measures and makes real time calculation. it means that the system examine and get all the data every second.
The recording frequency  can be adapted based on arithmetic average for a long duration: for instance every 5 seconds most of the time.
These measures and calculations appear on synoptic and reports.

  • ADAPT  displays real time information, through the display window of 8 or more different curves on a common axis, the immediate value of magnitude and hour of measure. The numbers of display windows are unlimited
  • These curves can be changed according to the correlation analysis needs.
  • ADAPT manages technical and financial alarms for which it is configured and store records for the overturn or a noticed event.
  • ADAPT manages automatic reports and dash boards.
  •  ADAPTtransfers data to Energy analytical accountancy.
  • ADAPT allows controls and  tuning of sensors signals through drift  software.
  • ADAPT allows to put out periodical results and key indicators.
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 A distant follow up is possible on your PC by means of an Ethernet connection (chosen as option). For instance a distance observation of operating parameter of the steam generators, if needed alerts and informs a staff able to resolve problems in Boiler Room.
There is possibility of adding and configuring new sensors as well as new calcuations. The number and complexity of calculations are not limited.

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