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ADAPT ( Tool For Measurment Acquisation And Calculation Treatment )
ADONAC (Data Analysis)
BARexpert© : BAR EPI
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BARexpert is the result of our knowledge and skills through tool based experiences. Barexpert is getting an exceptional advantage of more than 50 years experiences, relating to measurements in thermal transfer and fluid mechanics in order to do the best analysis and reduce the cost of industries.  
This assistant tool is a unique system for our experts, which was financially supported in 1991 by the European Commission as part of THERMIE programs  and finacially granted by EC experts as an innovating product.These great progresses and developed applications allow a CONSTANT follow up of all the used energies, fluids and process. Indeed, industrialists can  directly use modules such as:
    Hot and ice  water (developed in 1995 with the support of ADEME)
    Compressing air
    Water treatment plant
    Process:  spray dryer, cooling tunnel, autoclave machines… etc according to needs cheap prom dresses.

 The gained data can be crossed with those of manufactured to establish limits and other key technical and financial indicators for the installations and operations (assistant to have a successful guide).
Let us add that BARexpert is an outstanding tool for thermal training courses and  for the staffs, who use and get result after realizing experiences: for instance bringing some changes in adjustments.
Moreover, BARexpert  our  customer  to make a proper commissioning of the characteristics ans performances of its nex equipements invested.  

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