Self Sufficiency And Integration

Barrault Recerche is entirely independent both in its capital and relations with energy or equipments suppliers. It has a trustful and transparent partnership toward its customers and partners..
Our activity and skills are based on scientific approach, improved by long term experiences and practices of real time measurements and calculation. From the outset; our consulting actions have always been guided through innovation quest both in our methodologies and application of efficient technical solutions on the installations of our customers..
  Barrault Recherche is constantly involved in the process of performances imporvement whether in the designe or operation of industrial installations.Obviously,this technical performance reserch cannot be separated from financial performance of each project. The profitability of  any solution advised is always an essential part of the decision.
From the begining  BARRAULT RECHERCHE  is taking into account the needs and willingness of managing environmental impacts of industries. This sensitivity is shared by Management Team, our employees and parteners such as Utility Performance  Group.

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