UP (Utilitiy Performance)

UP is a company founded in 2006 by the union of 4 complementary  Consulting Companies and expertises in energy, water and globally speaking   Environmental fields. This structure represents and organizes a task force of more than 60 employees, spreat in over 10 locations in France and in abroad.
Currently UP coordinates worldwide technical and engineering assistannce between its members and all Danone Groupe worldwide.

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A partenership project finalized  in June 2006 by the General Directors ...

…. and shared by all their staffs since then.

Motivation Of The Project

1.An excellent job and personal relationship leads to a sustainable friendship:

  Even if it is not enough to build such a project, it is an essential common denominator which brings: confidence, sense of mutual aid and pleasure of working together.

2.Real specialists with vast additional technical knowledge in their fields:

  Everyone in his own expertise domain completes the experiences as well as the skills of each others. This synergy permits to offer a wider range and a high quality support based on strong technical  experiences focusing on industrial environment matters.

3. Major commercial synergies:

  Customers ‘Portfolio of each company brings a wider trade and privilege relationships with famous customers, that every UP member can take advantages of.

4.A critical size in front of large industrial groups:

Currently the Utilities Performance Groupe represents an active strength of more than 60 collaborators with supporting point overseas suach as La  Réunion ( Indian Ocean) and Tunisia.

5. Secur the  operations of our companies:

  If one of us has a personal difficulty, a temporary financial problem (outstanding payment, delay…), a temporary decline of activity, to be at law, case at issue etc, it is the logic of Musketeers: “one for all, all or one”.

6. Synergy means:
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  By contributing our experiences, mutual negotiation of some key contracts (insurances, computers, mutual health insurance…), and creating of a common technical and administrative department (accounting and IT)…

It is for all these reasons that we are working together since 2006 and today we are pleased to share them with you..

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