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Referring to its origins, BARRAULT RECHERCHE  has always been practicing an activity almost entirely turned toward divers sectors of industry. Starting from primary energy in order to go deeper through pipes of Utilities to the heart of our customers process.
Our interventions are led by  Thermics Experts supporting Process Managers in thier  search of operation cost reduction, quality and productivity imporvements.
Our unit is mainly combined of thermic experts, whose experiences are completed by high education and diversified courses with a great ability of working in a skillful network within the company. Thermal is an essential operating component of factories. The general performance of industrial machines won’t be perfect without managing weaknesses and technical difficulties imposed by thermic. “We cannot  properly understand, what is not properly measuring ”. For that purpose, measurement is a vital tool for all Thermic Engineers or any Process Manager. Over the years, it became  one of our essential expertise relayed in our Auditing, Engineering and R&D activities.

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