History Jean BARRAULT Thermic Engineer (1900-1980)
History: René-Louis BARRAULT
ASIE:( Analysis, Synthesis And Innouvation For Economies)
R.L And O.B: Growth And Transmission
Company Developed Into Group


1993:Integration of Asie‘s operations and activities within Barrault Recherche Company.
1993: Olivier Barrault becomes Managing director of the company.

1995: Creation of refrigeration module of BARexpert with the support of the ADEME and technical participation of Georges Vrinat.




The first pilot diagnosis operation on industrial refrigeration installations was executed supported by the ADEME (French Agency for the Promotion of the Environment and Energy Efficient Management) and organized with the ATEE (Technical Association for Energy and Environment).



2000s: Expansion and progressive internationalization of activities


 2001: Pilot operation with DANONE France

2003: Creation of training courses “ENERGY PILOT” for PSA (Peugeot Citroën).
2005: Creation of “BAREGUL” BARexpert version to have an efficient control on air compressors.
2006: Worldwide contract with DANONE Group:  
·         Creation of “Utility Performance”.

·          Mr. Olivier becomes 100% owner of the company. 

2007: 50th anniversary of Thermal activities of Rene-Louis.

·         Stéphane Petiteau becomes shareholder.


2008: Creation of subsidiary SCOUT in La Réunion (Indian Ocean)

 A Coaching Utility Company co-directed by Marc Bourhis and Jean-François Leygue.




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