History Jean BARRAULT Thermic Engineer (1900-1980)
History: René-Louis BARRAULT
ASIE:( Analysis, Synthesis And Innouvation For Economies)
R.L And O.B: Growth And Transmission
Company Developed Into Group

ASIE: (Analysis, Synthesis and Innovation for Economies)
ASIE in the 80S:
 ASIE participated and initiated the first pilot operations related to compressed air in depth diagnosis which took place in Picardie and Pays de la Loire regions, financed by the ADEME (French Governmental Agency for Energy and Environment). This brought a new methodology for diagnosis using real time measurement and data acquisition means.

In 1990, the company got the European support based on “THERMIE” programs, in order to complete an industrial version of BARexpert system on the plant of Citroën Rennes La Janais. BARexpert was then granted in 1991 as an innovating product by unanimous agreement of all E.C experts.




90s: Transition

The first research contract was signed with EDF (Electricité De France), in order to perform a research program dealing with the correct use of radiated electrical panels in order to heat up large volume buildings. This project was fulfilled through a partnership with ISITEM (Central Engineering School of Nantes).


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