History Jean BARRAULT Thermic Engineer (1900-1980)
History: René-Louis BARRAULT
ASIE:( Analysis, Synthesis And Innouvation For Economies)
R.L And O.B: Growth And Transmission
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History: René-Louis Barrault.

  Thermic as heritage (1959-1975).

He started creating his own Company, as an Industrial manufacturer of water-tubes steam boilers, based on his own design and patents. These boilers had a capacity up to 18t/h of steam, at that time using heavy fuel or coal.  The company was concerned with granting patent of innovation in different countries such as West Germany, USA etc.





In the 70s René-Louis Barrault did participate to the ISO normalization (International Organization for Standardization) for boilers and pressurized equipments.


Over 700 boilers of brand “Baromatic” or “Baro-Rapid” were manufactured. At that time, RL Barrault’s approach was to make detailed analysis of processes in order to get quality and productivity optimizations, and as well in order to size and configure at the best the future boiler rooms. This was prefiguring our actual activities.


 RL Barrault founded an association promoting Energy Savings (Association pour l’accomplissement des économie d’énergies) : Consulting and training courses.


1979: ASIE

RL Barrault founded a new Company and activity “ASIE” (Analysis, Synthesis and Innovation for Energy Economies). This Company represents the real origins of Barrault Recherche’s actual activities. RL Barrault constantly innovated developing a new type of consulting on all Energy facilities in the Industry, and started developing very early the approach based on real time measurements and calculation means (BARexpert).

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